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5 Things to Know About Our Personal Training

  • 5-star rated personal trainers
  • Only requires ONE 30-minute session per week
  • Training sessions are private
  • Low joint impact
  • Great for increasing bone mass and density

Our full-service, personal training studio gym is located at 120 Coxe Avenue, in the heart of Downtown Asheville on the South Slope.

The gym is kept cool with A/C and fans to ensure that muscles do not fatigue due to heat exhaustion.

We utilize MedX and SuperSlow equipment that is checked and maintained regularly for proper operation.

Free parking is available so there is no need to search and pay for parking on the street.

Workouts are tough and effective but don’t leave you drenched in sweat.

The SuperSlow Fitness Training method is perfect for getting your day started, rejuvenating you on your lunch break, or as an after work workout. Come as you are or use our changing room to fit into something more comfortable.

What to Expect at Each Training Session

When you arrive at your scheduled personal training appointment, have a seat in the waiting area or change into your workout clothes.

Your personal trainer will calibrate the fitness equipment to your settings for the days workout.

Each weekly workout is a full-body workout that targets many muscle groups. You might experience slight soreness after the first few workouts but it depends on your current level of fitness.

Your workout will be relatively sweat-free thanks to the fans and A/C. Also, the point isn't to "sweat to the oldies", it's a controlled workout designed to work very specific muscle groups VERY slowly.

Meet your Personal Trainer

Abby Cain, owner and personal trainer at Rock Bottoms, works with a hand-full of clients each week. Abby is a mother, business woman, and health and wellness advocate.

Common Questions and Answers

Most clients just train once a week. Because it is a full-body workout, we focus on all areas.

Training sessions last about 30 minutes. Arrive a few minutes before if you would like to change first.

Yes. While it seems too good to be true, Super Slow isn't a typical workout. Yes the weights are lighter than you might be used to lifting, but lifting and lowering weights this slow will make you a believer. It is actually more effective at targeting isolated muscle groups because you can't "cheat" the weight with the rest of your body.

For most, this workout program improves overall body fat content, mobility, strength, energy, and stamina.

For older women, it can prevent Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. It can even reverse and eliminate these altogether. It has been proven to dramatically increase bone density and strength.

Anyone will see benefits from our workout sessions but older women will likely see the greatest long-term health benefits.

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"If you are a busy person and looking for a personal trainer or gym in Asheville where you don't feel like you are taking on more than you can chew - Rock Bottoms!"


"I have worked with Abby for two years and am so much stronger for it. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and working this program has been very helpful!"


"The facility is amazing and I have worked with the other trainers at the facility as well. Everyone is very professional and safety is paramount."


"Each session is 30 minutes and easily fits into my schedule. Whatever your fitness goals, I confidently give Rock Bottoms the highest possible rating!"

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