Hire a Personal Trainer

How to find a fitness coach in Asheville that's right for you.


If you’ve been looking for a personal trainer in Asheville to help you reach your fitness or health goals, you’ve probably realized that they are as common as breweries in our town. 

But don’t be fooled. Not every personal trainer is a fit for your unique needs and desires. Some training gyms are focused on strength and power, others are all about fat loss and getting ready for bikini season. There are even a couple gyms, like ours, that have a unique focus on helping the older crowd stay fit, maintain mobility, and build bone density.

No matter what you are looking for, take your time and ask questions.

What kind of trainer qualifications should you look for?

Most traditional personal trainers in Asheville will have a certification from an accrediting agency like NASM, ACE, or ACSM to name a few. For the most part, all of these agencies have similar coursework. These are usually general certifications for personal trainers, but don't certify them as being an expert in any specific training style or method.

You’ll also find fitness trainers in the area that have specific accreditation for specific methods of training. For example, here at Rock Bottoms, Abby Cain is certified in the Super Slow Protocol. A workout with very specific machines, process, and goals. Super Slow is an amazing workout option for those 55 and older, but can be equally rewarding for younger clients too.

Choosing a personal trainer that you vibe with

It might sound cliche, especially here in Asheville, that finding a fitness expert who you “vibe” is crucial to YOUR success. I’m not telling you this because of some astrological reason, but simply because you don’t want to be working with a personal trainer that trains you like a boot camp recruit when you have a problem with “forced motivation”.
Find a trainer who understands your personality. Someone who will push you beyond your perceived limits in a way that fits your expectations. If you know you need a kick in the butt to get you to where you want to be, then find someone who loves that style of training.

If you want a personal trainer who is supportive and keeps you going with praise and congratulations, there’s one for you.

To get an idea of how working with a specific personal trainer might be, ask if you can shadow them on a session. This should give you a good understanding of what their training style is like.

Cost of Personal Trainers in Asheville

Cost is generally a sticking point when it comes to hiring a personal trainer. Working with someone a few times a week at $60-$80 per session can get quite spendy.

But before you decide to abandon a trainer altogether, consider what you might be saving in medical bills and doctor’s visits in the years to come if you work with a trainer who helps you reach your health goals.

Most personal trainers in Asheville charge between $45 and $80 per session. If you order sessions ahead of time you can usually get a cheaper rate. At Rock Bottoms we recommend signing up for 12 sessions which will run you $63/session. While we are not the cheapest, we are not the most expensive either. The best part about training with us is the frequency. Most clients only visit us for 1 or 2 thirty minute training sessions per week. So a 12 session package will last about 6 weeks.


Like I said, in Asheville, there is a personal trainer for everyone. Whether you want to run faster, lose weight, get stronger, or build definition - there’s someone for you.

Take your time interviewing fitness professionals in the area. Learn about them, ask them why they got into fitness in the first place. Learn what type of trainer they are by shadowing a session.

In the end, you’ll find a trainer who can get you to where you want to be. Reaching your goals will be an accomplishment you’ll be proud of, and you want to make sure it’s with the right coach.

Good luck!

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